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Christian Wedding

What is the most beautiful thing in Christian wedding? The bride and her father walking across the aisle is the answer. Everyone would stand up and wait for her arrival and they might be spellbound about the pair. They silently admire how cute are they? how lucky he is or she is?

Our simple goal in the term of the Christian wedding, we want to hear our clients and guests secretly admire wow what a beautiful decoration? how tasty food did they provide this morning? Is it possible to book the same best wedding planners in Coimbatore for our family functions?

Wedfish offers different type decors and plans for the different community. In the Christian wedding, table arrangements, stage decors, backdrop designs, outdoor and indoor dining area, catering services will follow the unique set of the theme. We don’t compromise our ideas for any reason.

Wedding cake

In Christian marriages, wedding cake cutting is one of the important tradition. Every region across the world serve the cake at the different time. Most of the Indian Christian marriages are serving the wedding cake to the guests after the reception. Wedfish arranges the best cake maker in the city to deliver the delicious and incredible cakes to your wedding.