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Christian Wedding

Hall Entrance Decoration
Betrothal Stage Decoration
Wine & Wine Class/ Karikku Candle/Vilakku Candle/Villaku,
Cake with stand, Teapoy etc…

Hall entrance Decoration
Garlands & Bridal Bouquet 1set
Groom Receiving Bouquet 1set
Passage mat, wedding stage decoration
Wine & Wine Class/ Karikku
Candle/Vilakku Candle/ Villaku, Cake with Stand, Teapoy, Mantrakodi
Basket Car Decoration


The cake is always special to everyone irrespective of their age. It becomes even more special when it comes to a wedding cake. There are times when your mom joined your hands to cut it, but for the first time your spouse(better half) is about to join you for the first time, let you’re never ending love start with a special sweet made for you.