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Brahmins marriage – marriage planners coimbatore

Tamilian weddings are mostly very colorful and vibrant and most of the marriages last up to 3 to 5 days. There are pre-wedding and post-wedding rituals are followed by Tamilians. Some communities share the same traditions but TamBhram marriages have loads of traditions and rituals.

Marriage Planners Coimbatore have the certain idea about all kind of marriages and all kind of religion believes. In Hindu matrimony, Brahmin marriages are more about the rituals and ceremonies, and so many traditions that you can’t simply understand. Brahmin marriages never skip any of the following steps at their weddings. Marriage planners Coimbatore like Wedfish are familiar with TamBrahm weddings as well as Palakkad Brahmin weddings.

Siddhant Ceremony

This is the first ceremony takes the place in Brahmins wedding. Siddhant rituals are observed by the priest and he will announce the marriage date fixed by both families. They calculate the Panjangam and announce the date.


In North India, this function is known as Roka. English version of this ceremony known as the engagement ceremony. Bride and Groom exchange the rings front of the elders and family members. Two families used to have a great time between the engagement and marriage. In the meantime they would work with finding halls, printing wedding cards, and booking marriage planners.

Pandha Kaal Muhurtham

A week before the marriage, this ritual will be followed. This ritual simply announces the people in surrounding to know, that there is a marriage in this home. Pandha kaal is nothing but a tall wooden stick, which will be placed outside the house with banana trees and some wonderful decorations.


Vratham or fast is usually taking place a day before the wedding. Both families will participate in the Vratham for the prosperity of their children.


Jaanavasam is nothing but the small event happening the wedding day eve. Bride and Groom come to the marriage hall in a decorated car. In old days bride and groom come to the marriage hall or the house where marriage take places by horse, chariot, and a palanquin.

Kashi Yathra

Kashi Yathra has an interesting story behind it. The tradition says that the groom pretends to go Kashi and become Sanyasi but the bride’s father and family hold his hand and convince him to marry the groom.


Bride and Groom will sit on the wooden plank swing and elder ladies will sing the traditional song and celebrate the importance of marriage.


Here the marriage will happen. Both the bride and groom will come to the mandapam together. Bride’s father does the kandyaddhanam which means giving his daughter to the groom. After the rituals over, a bride would likely to change her dress into 9-yard madisaar. Once she returned to mandap, the marriage ceremony will happen.