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We are marriage decorators in Coimbatore and event planners. Coimbatore is one of the cultural centers where you can find the people from different communities who have different traditions and cultures.

We really love to be a part of your life journey. Every marriage has its own beautiful story to tell others even after 50 successful years of your marriage life because the story of a marriage is a story for all ages.

No matter where you are, what your budget is, which state now you are, we are here to adorn your marriage with our own unique style of wedding decorations.

The decorations certainly takes more time to think from the clients” point of view. We have to immerse ourself with their community rituals and traditions. We can proudly say that every decoration we have done taught us different lessons.

  • Marriage Packages
  • Main and Hall Entrance Decoration
  • Hall entrance Thalam setting with receiving Bouquets
  • Passage Mat & Passage Decoration
  • Stage Decoration & Thalam settings
  • Garlands & Bouquets, Jasmine for Bride
  • Car Decoration
  • Nadaswaram,
  • Single/DoubleWelcome Girls, Kathakali
  • Live & Panjavadyam
  • Tall men Security etc….
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