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The Big Day

The Big Day

“To get the full value of joy you must have someone to divide it with.” – Mark Twain.
A celebration of love and friendship where the two become as one. It is the joining of hearts and souls enriched with the delights of the future life together. Every culture cherishes its own marriage traditions and superstitions. A wedding is a cultural performance conducted by many people all over the world. This cultural ritual goes back in time to B.C. Many traditions originated from old rhymes, folktales or tribal traditions whose origins are lost in time. These traditions are prearranged to show the beginning of two people starting their lives together.
There comes a time in our lives when we meet the right person, fall in love, get engaged, and begin planning a wedding. A wedding is a joyous event but requires a lot of decisions to be made by the bride and groom to ensure that it is a momentous period in their lives. There are three significant parts to planning a wedding. There are many steps and decisions to be made before, during, and after this treasured event. Prior to the wedding, you will have to determine whether your wedding will be a traditional, contemporary, or something unique. A traditional wedding usually follows proper etiquette with little or no changes. The contemporary wedding is more modern and usually specific to the taste of the bride and groom. The unique wedding is strictly based on the personality of the couple, anything goes and is easier to control the costs.

Weddings in Tamilnadu

A wedding no matter what country or culture, is the most important day for any women. All women since they are the young dream of getting married and plan their dream wedding for weeks or even months. However, there are many differences in traditions and weddings all around the world that make every wedding unique and special for every woman. Weddings in the region of Tamil Nadu are diversified. There is no one style of wedding observed. The different classes observe different wedding traditions. But, there are some styles or rituals that are followed by all classes together. The best part of weddings in this region, in particular, is that all wedding ceremonies are conducted in the wee hours of the morning. By the time its afternoon, the bride and groom are married and have a few hours in hand before the reception is conducted. Also, in most Tamil weddings the groom also plays a heavy role in the overall preparation. Most of the vedic mantras are said with a definite reason in mind. The reason is to ring in happiness and peace in the couple’s life.
The normal Tamil weddings would have a ritual Panda Kaal Muhurtam wherein both families go out and seek the blessings of the God so that no issues arise at the wedding. Vratham is a custom wherein both families observe fast before the marriage ceremonies are over. Nandi is where the families seek blessings from their ancestors, while Janavasam is where the bridegroom comes to the marriage venue in a car. Nichyadartham is where the bride seeks blessings of Lord Ganesha. This is also similar to an engagement ceremony. Also, during this time the groom’s family gifts sarees and other things to the bride. In a Brahmin Tamil wedding, the rituals followed before marriage would include Vratham, Nichyadartham, KasiYatrai, and Janavasam. Bride preparation

The wedding gown

Everyone has a dream of what they want their wedding to be. Is it on going to be on the top of the hill or on the beach during a sunset? There are many different types of weddings, but to that particular woman, it’s her little touch that makes her wedding unforgettable. Planning a wedding ceremony is time-consuming, and takes a lot of compromising of both families, brides, and grooms. For the bride to stand out, the most important part to her is her wedding dress. The most amazing piece of clothing that she will wear in her lifetime. Every woman dreams of that perfect dress. Although, a wedding wouldn’t have that final special touch if it was not for that perfect dress, the one that everyone will be talking about for a lifetime. Picking out that perfect dress takes time and effort. One has to decide on the cultural, formality, color, size, style, material,

accessories, money, coordinating with the rest of the wedding and finally trying to please everyone’s taste. Where would be the perfect place to start, what would be the first step in picking out this unforgettable dress? Well, one should first decide if their dress is going to be something else, besides the typical wedding dress. Is their dress going to be from a certain time, cultural, or a hand me down? Is their dress going to be a renaissance dress, or the modern movie star look? If she is from a certain culture that has a tradition to follow then she has to look for that kind of dress. All these are taken into account and finally, the decision of the perfect dress is made.

Wedding Jewellery

Jewelry adds the perfect dash of effervescence to the bride. It is an integral part of bride's wedding trousseau. Every bride's dream is to look beautiful and elegant on her special
day. Jewelry adds sparkle to the whole aura of the bride. Every bride wants her jewelry to be different and stylish. A set budget only for jewelry is always handy as one can plan better and can buy much more in the same amount with careful planning and a good market. Always one has to buy from trusted jewelers who are recognized by industry giants. It is the identity of the jewelry and is the most essential thing for evaluation in case of resale. For engagement, the focus is on the ring so one has to keep the jewelry light.
Weddings call for heavy traditional jewelry from head to toe and the jewelry has to match with the garments. Reception or cocktail is fun and more relaxed. One can also add colored gemstones to the jewelry in compliment or contrast to the dress.

Bridal Makeup

How we will look on our wedding is one of the great sources of the excitement and anxiety, many of us experience when anticipating the big day. Whether it’s sticking to bridal beauty timeline or perfecting YouTube inspired looks, prepping for bridal beauty is a process to be enjoyed. Consider your personal style. Your personal style should dictate the way you choose your bridal makeup. Wedding beauty is about being the best version of yourself.

Aesthetic coherence must be aimed for by considering the hairstyle, dress and wedding theme. Now for the truly fun part! Magazines (both bridal and non-bridal) and wedding sites for beauty inspiration can be referred. Mixing and matching ideas to suit bridal makeup vision comes in handy.

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